Saturday, March 21, 2009

Women Empowerment

This week we did probably the neatest thing I have done with the people here. We went to the women's Gypsy community center (I love the Women's Empowerment part) to help teach their kids english and help them with their homework. I helped two little girls and they were so dang cute. Laila was the name of one of girls, she was 13 and she needed help learning when to use who or which. Um... that was kind of hard. She needed me to make up sentences to quiz her on which to use and it took me forever! The other girl I never understood what her name was but she was fun to talk to. Both of our favorite colors were pink. Then we chatted about nail polish and playing outside. She was about 8. Then I got to help teach the alphabet to this little tiny boy that was precious. It was such a fun afternoon and I realized, maybe I like kids after all!!!! What a break through!

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