Saturday, March 21, 2009


Day in Bethlehem...
We spent our morning in Bethlehem on Tuesday at Bethlehem University learning about the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict from the students there and getting their perspective. I met one of the students Bassel and he told me all about his studies there and what they do for fun. It was really interesting. He lives in Jerusalem and he has to wake up at 5:30 everyday so that he can get through checkpoint to make it to class by 8:30. The separation wall surrounds Bethlehem so it was interesting just getting in for us. Anyway, after our time at Bethlehem University, we ate at this restaurant in a tent. It was AWESOME. The food was great and weird things were going on with nuns smoking hookha... weird. Then we went to the cave were Christ might have been born. Interestingly enough it really wasn't that cool. I mean it was, but I just kept getting yelled at by monks and there were SO many people there. When I saw the place where Christ was born, I didn't even know what it was... sad day.
This is where the manger was. I at least knew what this place was all about!

The best part of our trip to Bethlehem wasn't even in Bethlehem. We went back about half way between Bethlehem and Jerusalem to the Shepherd's Fields to have a Christmas program. It was great! We sang Christmas songs, which I totally loved and read Luke 2 and I signed up to read our family's favorite Christmas story, "Trouble at the Inn". See Deaver family for further details of this story. A few people bore their testimonies and it was really cold and dark out so it felt like Christmas. I LOVED it! The stars were out and I can definately see the upside to being a Shepherd. The scenery was beautiful. The best, most coolest part of being there was that a boy walked up with a lamb and I got to hold it! It was so cuddly and adorable. Isn't he cuuute? I want one I think.

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  1. Ellie likes looking at the picture of you holding the sheep! We just can't believe you did that I guess! haha! Looks like you're having a lot of fun!! Love you!