Thursday, April 9, 2009

Because I am down to only TWO WEEKS left here in the Holy Land (I'm already having to fight back the tears), I refuse to spend a large portion of my remaining time blogging; sorry everyone. So instead, I don't want to just leave ya'll hangin, especially since I went to Galilee!, I am just posting random pictures from the last couple of weeks with a caption. Contact me in two weeks for elaboration of events...
This is obviously not in Galilee. This sunday was Palm Sunday so we went to a Lutheran service processional, and later in the day we went to the real Palm Sunday walk and made our way from Bethphage to Lion's Gate in the old city with 50,000 other people. It was a really great day. It was so fun to see so much celebration here in honor of our Savior's triumphal entry to the Holy Land... it was pretty awesome I'd say.


Girl Fun on the beach right before our bonfire! Bonfires on the sea of Galilee... *sigh*

Stephen Wilkenson and I among the raging tempest on the Sea of Galilee

Caeserea Philippi waterfall

Frolicking in the Golan Heights

Church at the Tiberias branch building, it was gorgeous with a perfect view of the Galilee. These are all the fabulous girls in my group!

Oh yea... I ate that. We went to this fish restaurant on the Galilee and ate the "Galilee-Saint Peter" fish. I had to cover the fishes eyes with my napkin though, it was watching me...

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  1. Miriam!! I love your blog!! So dang crazy to see all the pictures of you at the same location as so many old stories from the Bible. I'm so jealous. I'm reading "The Kingdom and the Crown" series by Gerald Lund and it's a historical fiction all about Christ and the people, places during his time. You definitely have to read it when you get the chance!! Especially after having been to all the same places it mentions in the book.